Merton College Charitable Corporation

                         MC3 Permanent Programs

MC3's Permanent Programs provide annual support upon which the College and its  members
depend.  Each year MC3 allocates 4% of the 12-quarter moving average of its endowment value
(the endowment reliance) in support of these permanent programs.  MC3's long-term goal is to
have a permanent endowment that is large enough to support all of its Permanent Programs from
this endowment reliance.  This will permit annual giving to address annual needs and special

The MC3 endowment is professionally managed.  The manager is overseen by the finance
committee of the MC3 Board of Directors.

Americas’ Scholar

The Americas' Scholar was the first permanent program established by MC3 from its general
donor base.  The scholarship provides tuition and fee payments for an entire course of study for a
graduate student.  The selection of a Scholar is made by Merton College

Burwell Grant for Chinese Studies

Clayton L. (Teddy) Burwell, 1932 established a grant for Chinese related studies through a
charitable remainder trust.  After his passing, this endowment began disbursing grants as
appropriate candidates are selected.

John Roberts MC3 Graduate Scholarship  

John M. Roberts was Warden of Merton College from 1984 to 1994 and a Fellow of Merton from
1953 to 1979.  A Graduate Scholarship in his honor was first granted in  2013.

Simms Bursary

The Simms Family – Thomas Henry Simms (1926), Wilfrid Burgess Simms (1930), Eric Arthur
Simms (1939) and Romilly John Simms (1958) – has endowed a bursary fund for Merton
Students who experience unanticipated financial difficulties during the year.

Unrestricted Endowment  

Unrestricted endowment funds are a most welcome gift since they may be allocated to where the
need is greatest.